SCORE Soccer & Leadership Academies was created to serve underserved children living in inner city / urban communities. We believe that everyone should have access to a comprehensive, holistic soccer and leadership program regardless of their socio-economic and cultural background. As a part of SCORE, your child will enjoy a great soccer experience while also learning important leadership and social skills that will positively impact their lives and, and the lives of others. SCORE contributes to building stronger communities and societies – socially, culturally and economically.

MISSION: To provide children the resources that will give them the chance to become exceptional human beings and great soccer players.

VISION: To create young adults that will be capable to identify and take advantage of opportunities that can positively impact them and others.

Guiding Principles


Value yourself & others.


Do the right thing under any circumstances.


Belief in yourself, DREAM BIG and go after them!


Stay firm in a course of actions despite the difficulty.


Sportsmanlike conduct on and off the field.


Do your best in EVERYTHING you do.


Do something good for others!


Paco Espinosa
Founder & President

Elias “Paco” Espinosa is a well-known and respected leader of the Latino community in the city of Indianapolis and several areas around the state. He is originally from Puebla, Mexico where he had the opportunity to play soccer professionally for two teams; Puebla F.C. and Lobos BUAP.

Espinosa came to the United States in 2002 through an athletic scholarship to play soccer for Bethel College in Sound Bend, Indiana. While pursuing his bachelors in Communications, Espinosa played on the varsity team 4 consecutive years contributing to take the team to the NAIA Nationals 4 straight years.   During his soccer college tenure, he received 2 All-Conference Player in 2002 and 2004 and helped Bethel College rank 6th in the nation in 2002. Espinosa moved to Indianapolis in 2006 where he started his professional career as sports reporter for Univision. He later decided to pursue his master’s in Public Relations at Ball State University where he worked for the schools Public Relations agency called Cardinal Communications. He was also involved with the International Center to support foreign students adjust to life in the U.S.

He has worked as Sports Director for IndyVision, a Spanish TV station in Indianapolis and as Director of Marketing and Communications for Indiana Soccer, a position that he still holds

His soccer passion led him to found SCORE in 2012 where he currently serves as President.

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